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Today on Closer Look we will tell you how scammers are targeting dog lovers and how you can participate in Celebration of the Arts.

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Sweet Life Family Event 09/28/11

CBS 7 News
Robert Guaderrama
September 28, 2011

Midland, Texas - Two Midland community organizations are partnering up to host an event that could benefit everyone in the family. Junior League of Midland and casa de amigos invite you to the "Sweet Life, Family First, event.

Guest speakers will hold special workshops on topics ranging from eating disorders, step parenting, resume building and many other essentials for a better life.

"It will help encourage parent-child involvement, parents, kids, this is for everyone," said Lynn Rogers, Casa de Amigos.

If you'd like to attend the event it is free to the public, but you need to arrive early to register. It will take place this Saturday at 9:30 am at Casa de Amigos in Midland.